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  • Microsoft’s Moonshot Plan to Reverse Its Lifetime CO2 Emissions by 2050
    by Vanessa Bates Ramirez on 24 Gennaio 2020 at 15:00

    The alarming headlines about Australia’s bush fires over the last couple weeks have heightened the global outcry over climate change, and companies, NGOs, and governments are taking action. One of the most ambitious targets was set last week by Microsoft. In a press conference on January 16, CEO Satya Nadella announced that not only does

  • Is Purpose A Company’s Best Protection Against Disruption?
    by Chipp Norcross on 23 Gennaio 2020 at 18:14

    Hands down, there is no one that I enjoy talking to about disruption theory more than David Roberts. I’ve had the benefit of working with him for the last five years and, no matter how many presentations I hear him give, I always walk away feeling inspired and with at least one new insight about… The post Is Purpose A Company’s Best Protection Against Disruption? appeared first on Singularity University.

  • Five Big Central Banks Unite to Explore Launching Their Own Digital Currencies
    by Jason Dorrier on 23 Gennaio 2020 at 15:00

    In the beginning, there was Satoshi. It’s been a little over a decade since the pseudonymous founder of Bitcoin introduced the blockchain-based cryptocurrency that launched a thousand more blockchain-based cryptocurrencies. Since then, not a few folks have speculated that Bitcoin would take over the world and perhaps even supplant central-bank-controlled fiat currencies. While central banks

  • 2020 and beyond: heightened climate activism, wealth divides, gender power shifts, entertainment economy
    by Ross Dawson on 23 Gennaio 2020 at 05:12

    The most recent Good Weekend magazine, which reaches over 1 million readers in Saturday’s Sydney Morning Herald, Brisbane Times and Melbourne’s The Age, included a compact feature interview with me titled Meet the futurist with 2020 vision. Below are some brief excerpts, or read the full article: Answering these questions is invigorating stuff. But it’s

  • Not Bot, Not Beast: Scientists Create First Ever Living, Programmable Organism
    by Kobi Leins on 22 Gennaio 2020 at 15:00

    A remarkable combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and biology has produced the world’s first “living robots.” This week, a research team of roboticists and scientists published their recipe for making a new lifeform called xenobots from stem cells. The term “xeno” comes from the frog cells (Xenopus laevis) used to make them. One of the

  • 50 years later: Humanity’s adaptation to Future Shock
    by Ross Dawson on 22 Gennaio 2020 at 06:14

    This year it is 50 years since Alvin Toffler published Future Shock. It was an immensely influential book in shaping how his generation thought about the future. In commemoration of the anniversary, a new book After Shock: The World’s Foremost Futurists Reflect on 50 Years of Future Shock―and Look Ahead to the Next 50 is

  • The Brain Predicts Reward Like an AI, Says New DeepMind Research
    by Shelly Fan on 21 Gennaio 2020 at 15:00

    The idea of reinforcement learning—or learning based on reward—has been around for so long it’s easy to forget we don’t really know how it works. If DeepMind’s new bombshell paper in Nature is any indication, a common approach in AI, one that’s led to humanity’s defeat in the game of Go against machines, may have

  • 7 lessons learned from 20 years of professional speaking
    by Ross Dawson on 21 Gennaio 2020 at 09:25

    It is exactly two decades since I became a professional speaker. I had paid my dues over the previous four years speaking frequently for free at conferences. My breakthrough from ‘free to fee’ came from the publication of my first book, Developing Knowledge-Based Client Relationships, which gave me the credibility and visibility to be invited

  • World’s Largest Offshore Wind Farm Will Power 4.5 Million Homes
    by Vanessa Bates Ramirez on 20 Gennaio 2020 at 15:00

    Renewable energy statistics just keep topping each other. Solar power is getting cheaper. Battery storage capacity is getting better. And wind farms are getting bigger. 2019 saw the world’s biggest (at the time) offshore wind farm come online, as well as construction of the biggest offshore wind farm in the US off the coast of

  • HS2 is world class stupidity
    by idpearson on 20 Gennaio 2020 at 12:14

    £106Bn is the new estimated cost of HS2, with a new delivery date of 2040 We hear figures in the billions all the time, and I guess politicians especially lose their sense of what they really mean. A few … Continue reading →

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